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Inspiration for a Lifetime
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Youth Ballet Prix in St. Petersburg, Russia - St Petersburg Ballet Society - Logo A

Agreement: Director, Teacher and Coach

Youth Ballet Prix in St. Petersburg, Russia - St Petersburg Ballet Society - Logo A

Inspiration for a Lifetime

Article A
The organizers shall not be responsible for any injury, ailment or theft during the entire two weeks activity of the Youth Ballet Prix, Spring YBP 2007 and/or Summer YBP 2007. The participants are responsible for insuring themselves against accidents, sickness or theft.

Article B
All photographs, visual and audio-visual works and all types of recordings of the Participants' performance and participation shall be the exclusive property of Youth Ballet Prix. The Participants waive all rights to such recordings made by Youth Ballet Prix or by any third party on behalf of Youth Ballet Prix, their broadcasting, display, distribution or publication by any means, including by way of Youth Ballet Prix's web site ( The Participants are aware and agree that such recordings may be used for commercial or promotional purposes, including by authorized third parties, whenever the products or services advertised.

The Participants agree that Youth Ballet Pix may use images of the Participants in their advertising campaigns. Such grant of rights by the Participants to Youth Ballet Prix shall be permanent and irrevocable, without any geographic or time limits. Participants shall not be entitled to any payment, participation, contribution, fee or other compensation of any kind in relation to such grant of right and hereby waive all rights to claim any such compensation or consideration from Youth Ballet Prix or any third parties authorized by Youth Ballet Prix to use the recordings.

Only Youth Ballet Prix decides contracts with television stations or private individuals.

Article C
It is true that the aesthetic values of classical ballet require that dancers be slim. Nonetheless, it is vital for teachers, parents and dance students themselves not to allow these aesthetic values to be exaggerated. Youth Ballet Prix does not accept Participants jeopardizing their health to practice their art, especially as certain eating disorders encountered in the dance world represent genuinely health-threatening behaviors.

Director, Teacher or Coach:
Please, (a) read, (b) print, (c) sign this page, and (d) fax or mail it to the fax number or mailing address, with the Registration Form: Ensemble.

I, Director, Teacher or Coach of_____________________________________________
Ensemble, read, understand and agree to be bond by the terms and conditions, as stated in Article B.

Please, print name:

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