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Inspiration for a Lifetime
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Youth Ballet Prix in St. Petersburg, Russia - St Petersburg Ballet Society - Logo A

Guidelines: Article 1-8 (Cont.)

Youth Ballet Prix in St. Petersburg, Russia - St Petersburg Ballet Society - Logo A

Inspiration for a Lifetime

Article 1

The Participants are to supply their own costumes.

Article 2

The Participants are to supply Youth Ballet Prix with music of their dances, in audio cassette or CD form. Youth Ballet Prix will copy all the music onto mini disc. It will be used for the performances.

Article 3

The Participants, and their Directors, Teachers and Coaches will be scheduled to rehearse their dances on the stage.

Articles 4

Directors, Teachers and Coaches as well as Parents, Relatives and Friends of the Participants will not be allowed on stage, backstage, or the wings of the stage, during performances.

Article 5

The order of the appearances will be determined by Youth Ballet Prix.

Article 6

If and when the Participants present original choreography, it is up to them to receive permission from the choreographers to perform these choreographies, and at the same time to satisfy the standards stated in Article 2.

Article 7

The jury will consist of three or five prominent ballet professionals.

Article 8

The Participants will be evaluated for each of their performances. Each member of the jury will give a mark, between 1 and 10 (10 being the highest), for each of the following criteria:

Skill of the Language of Ballet
Sense of Style
All-Around Performance
Appropriate Choice of Dance

Choreography* - when the choice of dance is an original composition
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