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Inspiration for a Lifetime
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Invitation to Participants!

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Inspiration for a Lifetime


Youth Ballet Prix is designed as a vehicle to inspire, encourage and assist in the progress of young dancers. Offered semiannually, for ages 7 to 19, each Participant will share their advancement, year after year. The emphasis is on classicism, the language of ballet, and the literature that is composed for it.

Youth Ballet Prix is a unique combination of performing and training. Each Participant is given ample opportunity to perform, while at the same time, they are offered daily training, coaching, and the learning of classic repertoire. The highlights of this curriculum will be performed at the Festival Day Gala.

Attending performances of the Kirov Ballet at the legendary Mariinsky Theatre, and visiting the many other cultural jewels of this undisputed City of Ballet is an essential aspect of the Youth Ballet Prix.

You will experience the magic of one of the world’s most beautiful cities. You will admire the baroque, rococo and classical styles of the magnificent palaces and broad boulevards. Your senses will be charmed by the city that is built on 101 islands, connected by graceful bridges and dotted with pastel colored buildings. You will be part of ballet history by performing in that city, St. Petersburg.

You Are Cordially Invited to Participate!

Please, Join Us Now, and Grace Our Stage!


Ballet companies are invited to participate, in the Solo, Duo and Trio and the Ensemble categories, and will be reserved a special place as a guest, Ballet Company of Distinction, at the Youth Ballet Prix Festival Day Gala. Performing at the Festival Day Gala will be a great honor, and a sign of international recognition for your ballet company.

We Look Forward, Having You On Board, and You and Your Ballet Company, Help Celebrate Ballet, in The City of Ballet, St. Petersburg!

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