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Inspiration for a Lifetime
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Youth Ballet Prix in St. Petersburg, Russia - St Petersburg Ballet Society - Logo A


Youth Ballet Prix in St. Petersburg, Russia - St Petersburg Ballet Society - Logo A

Inspiration for a Lifetime


Youth Ballet Prix is designed as a vehicle to inspire, encourage and assist in the progress of young dancers. Offered annually, for ages 7 to 19, each Participant will share their advancement, year after year. The emphasis is on classicism, the language of ballet, and the literature that is composed for it.

Youth Ballet Prix is a unique combination of performing and training. Each Participant is given ample opportunity to perform, while at the same time, they are offered daily training, coaching, and the learning of classic repertoire. The highlights of which will be performed at the Festival Day Gala.


Youth Ballet Prix is presented on three levels:  Junior, Intermediate, Senior.  Junior 1: Ages 7 and 8;  Junior 2: Ages 9 and 10;  Junior 3: Ages 11 and 12;  Intermediate 1: Age 13;  Intermediate 2: Age 14;  Intermediate 3: Age 15;  Senior 1: Ages 16 and 17;  Senior 2: Ages 18 and 19.


Youth Ballet Prix offers three categories for each level:  Solo,  Duo and Trio,  Ensemble. The Ensemble category comprises:   Ensemble 1: 4 - 6 Dancers;  Ensemble 2: 7 - 11 Dancers;  Ensemble 3: 12 - 17 Dancers;  Ensemble 4: 18 Plus Dancers.

Technique and Styles

The language of Youth Ballet Prix is the classic technique. The styles of Youth Ballet Prix are the ballets composed in that language, which embraces primarily the centuries of tradition that draws upon historic dances and dances with national character. The dancers’ artistry, their technique and style develop by practicing the works of art of the ballet literature. It ranges from the simple to the intricate, giving the dancers challenge, year after year. The challenge is not all technique, but more significantly, it is the simple joy and pleasure of dance.

Detailed description, suggestions, recommendations, and a list of possible choices are found on the pages called: Repertoire.


Youth Ballet Prix is structured to unfold in three progressive steps. Three days are devoted to each step. During the first three days, each Participant is scheduled to perform daily, and is evaluated accordingly. Those who advance to the second step, perform for three days, and are evaluated. Finally, those who advance to the third step, perform for three days, and are evaluated.

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