YOUTH BALLET PRIX in St. Petersburg, Russia

Inspiration for a Lifetime
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Director, Teacher and Coach

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Youth Ballet Prix in St. Petersburg, Russia - St Petersburg Ballet Society - Logo A

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Youth Ballet Prix in St. Petersburg, Russia - St Petersburg Ballet Society - Logo A

Inspiration for a Lifetime

Registration: Limited in number.

Plan Ahead:
St. Petersburg, one of the world’s most beautiful cities, is a highly desirable destination for travelers from around the world. To assure your place in the Youth Ballet Prix, please register, now.

Payment: Full Payment is due upon Registration.

Passport: Generally, your Passport should be valid for at least six (6) months past your return date.

Visa: Visa requirements to Russia are varied: The citizens of some countries, do not need visa to Russia, the citizens of other countries do. If you are not certain, check your requirement with the Russian Consulate in your country,  or let us know, and we will check it for you.

In any case, remember, if you do have visa requirement to Russia, we supply you with the Russian Visa Support. It is included in your Arrangement.

USA Citizens: In order to visit Russia, you must have a valid visa, which will be obtained for you. The visa application form will be sent to you upon your Registration, and must be completed, signed and returned to us with your valid USA Passport and one (1) passport-size, black and white or color photo for each person. Cost is $150 USD per person.

After Registration: As you are registered for the Youth Ballet Prix, we will send you the necessary information on weather, clothing, currency, insurance, packing, customs, baggage and other information to help you prepare for your special trip.

Health Requirements: It is no longer necessary for persons traveling to Russian to have any vaccinations.

Cancellation: Payment is non-refundable, as we must purchase all services and tickets for the events in advance.

Japanese Citizens: Japanese citizens are free from the visa fee, if allowed at least two business weeks for processing. Once you register, we supply you with all the necessary information, visa application form, and detailed instructions. One passport size photo (3x4 cm.) needs to be attached to the visa application form. We provide you with the Russian Visa Support. It is included in your Arrangement. Russian Visa Support is also referred to as an Invitation. Embassy of the Russian Federation in Japan, Consular Section has a fine Web site:

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